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This Student Interest Programs Policy (the “Policy”) was developed to support the Board’s ongoing commitment to improve access to special programs based on student interest, and to support its commitment to offer a range of program opportunities for all learners. This Policy aligns with Board policies, including the Equity Policy (P037), Human Rights Policy (P031) and is consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code. This Policy supports the Board’s commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Actions and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a framework for reconciliation.

The policy affirms the Board’s commitment to providing strong programming in local schools and to ensure equitable educational access, experiences, and opportunities for all students in alignment with the recommendations made in the Enhancing Equity Task Force, the Director’s Response to the Enhancing Equity Task Force Report, the equity priorities of the Multi-Year Strategic Plan and the vision of the Secondary Program Review.


Elementary Centralized Programs and Schools

TDSB students have access to programs that offer unique opportunities and focus on a variety of interests.   Students apply to Centralized Programs through an online application that will be available in November. 



 All students who have an interest and passion for a particular area may apply to the centralized schools and programs.

Students are encouraged to attend Open House events and research the programs before submitting their application.
The online application will be open from November 6 to 23, 2023. Where the number of applicants exceed the number of spaces available in a program, all eligible applicants will be included in the random selection process.

Each type of program (i.e. the Arts) will have a consistent application outlined on the programs’ webpage. 

Students can apply to up to two Centralized Programs or Schools. If applying to two choices, the applications must be ranked. If accepted to the first choice program, they will not be considered for their second choice.

Students may also opt to be considered in other programs/schools of the same focus that have availability if they are not selected for their desired school. 



Residency Requirments

Claude Watson School for the Arts operated under the policies and procedures of the Toronto District School Board. We are required to follow TDSB PR 545 "Optional Attendance". PR 545 states "Where schools or sections of schools are Board-authorized to provide specialized programs, access to such schools and/or programs will be open to any students who are residents of the City of Toronto." CWSA is considered by the TDSB to be a specialized program.

Students who attend CWSA are required to live in the City of Toronto (permanent residence must be in the 'M' postal code area). Students who move out of Toronto mid-year should self-identify to the office. Students who self-identify will be permitted to complete the balance of their academic year at CWSA but must register at a school in their school board of residence for the following September. Students discovered to be enrolled at CWSA without a legal right to attend (living outside the City of Toronto), will be immediately removed from the rolls at CWSA and directed to a local elementary school in the school board where they reside.


Each year, 60 students are admitted into the Grade 4 program.  Students spend approximately half their day on academic curriculum (language, French, math, science, social studies, health and physical education) and the other half is spent immersed in the Arts.  All students participate in dance, drama, music and visual arts.  In Grade 5, students are introduced to digital arts.

CWSA Student Activity Fee  

The student activity fee will support and supplement a student’s school learning experience through materials and enrichment activities as yearbooks, arts materials and resources, arts enrichment, visiting artists, and performances.  The process in determining the fee amount involved consultation with CWSA staff and consultation with school council.  This fee is compliant with PR579 Student Activity Fees.  The CWSA Activity fee is $70. 



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