CWSA Policies and Procedures

We have a number of policies and procedures at CWSA that help make the program run smoothly.  On the website we are providing a highlight of some of the key policies and procedures.  A more exhaustive list is available at the front of student planners that were provided to each pupil at the start of the school year.

School Hours
School entry time is 8:50 AM.  Classes begin at 9:00 AM.  Students who arrive after 8:55 AM will be required to sign in at the main office.  Students are encouraged to arrive at school 10 minutes before the beginning of class to ensure that they have ample time to prepare themselves with the materials they need for the school day.

Lunch periods are 50 minutes in length.

School ends at 3:15 PM.  Supervision of the school yard ends at 3:30 PM.  Students must not remain on CWSA property after 3:30 PM unless they are involved in extra - curricular activities, After the Class or are under the supervision of a parent.

CWSA is a very busy school and students may be required to arrive before school and stay after school to participate in extra curricular activities.  

Safe Arrival - BAR (Before Absence Reporting)
To ensure the safe arrival of each student, parents are asked to use the BAR (Bar Absence Reporting) system to inform the school of the upcoming absence or late.  To do this parents are asked to call 416-395-3180 and select option 1.

CWSA MUST know each day before 8:30 AM if a child will be absent or late.  If a child is unaccounted for CWSA staff will follow TDSB policies and procedures to account for that child.

The safety and security of all students is a top priority of all CWSA staff.

Clothing Policy
CWSA has a number of clothing requirement for students to participate safely in our program.  Our clothing requirements can be found by clicking here.  Clothing order forms can be found here.  

Residency Policy
Claude Watson School for the Arts operates under the policies and procedures of the Toronto District School Board.  We are required to follow TDSB PR 545 "Optional Attendance".  PR 545 states "Where schools or sections of schools are Board - authorized to provide specialized programs, access to such schools and/or programs will be open to any students who are residents of the City of Toronto."  CWSA is considered a specialized program.

Students who attend CWSA are required to live in the City of Toronto (a students permanent residence must be in the 'M' postal code area).  Students who move out of Toronto mid-year should self-identify to the office.  Students who self-identify will be permitted to complete the balance of their academic year at CWSA but must register at a school in their school board of residence for the following September.  Students discovered to be enrolled at CWSA without a legal right to attend (living outside the City of Toronto), will be immediately removed from the rolls at CWSA and directed to a local elementary school in the school board where they reside.

Attendance Policy
Due to the heavy program load, it is imperative that students maintain regular attendance patterns.  Students absence for family holidays during the school term is unacceptable.  Parents are requested to try and avoid making appointments for their child during the school day.  Students who leave school early for very important reasons are required to inform the school office and the home room teacher with a note signed by parents.  To avoid interruptions to the entire class, please arrange to have your child meet you in the office if you come to pick them up during instructional time.

If you child becomes ill before the start of the school day, please contact the BAR line to report the absence.  If your child becomes ill during the school day, they must report to the office where one of the office staff will contact parents and monitor their progress.  

Code of Conduct
The intent of the CWSA Code of Conduct is to promote responsibility, respect, civility, fairness and academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment.  

This Code of Conduct reflects the policies and procedures of the Toronto District School Board and the Ministry of Education.  

At Claude Watson School for the Arts Students Will:

  • Attend school daily and punctually, prepared and ready to learn
  • Show respect for themselves and others and for those in authority
  • Refrain from bringing anything to school that may compromise their safety and the safety of others
  • Be courteous to fellow pupils and staff
  • Follow the directions of members of staff
  • Respect personal and school property and the property of others
  • Solve problems through cooperation, discussion and the use of acceptable language
  • Behave appropriately in and out of school
  • Follow the established school rules, policies and codes such as the School Dress Code
  • Exercise self-discipline and take responsibility for their own actions
  • Follow the established rules, policies and codes of the Toronto District School Board
  • Uphold the ideals of good digital citizenship at all times both in and out of school

Electronic Devices
Students are advised to not bring electronic devices or other items of value to school.  Any items brought to school must be kept in lockers or backpack unless a teacher approves their use during instructional time (for instructional purposes).  CWSA and the TDSB are unable to take responsibility for any lost or stolen personal electronic devices (phones, MP3 Players, Laptops etc.) that are brought to school or brought on school field trips.  At all times while at school or on school field trips CWSA students are required to follow the TDSB online code of conduct.