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Claude Watson School for the Arts

November 6 6:30 PM
Arts Focus (AF)

Claude Watson School for the Arts (GR. 04-08)

ARTS, HEARTS and MINDS aptly captures the spirit of our Specialized Arts School.
Arts Hearts & Minds

Claude Watson School for the Arts is a specialized program spanning Grades 4 - 8.

Claude Watson School for the Arts offers an enriched arts education for students within the City of Toronto who have demonstrated talent in music, drama, dance, and the visual arts. Students pursue studies in all four arts disciplines. The goals of the school are to enrich and accelerate aesthetic development; to stimulate creativity and original thinking; and to create an enduring respect and passion for learning within a climate of artistic and academic excellence. The school program links with artistic resources in the community, maximizing the growth of the student through exposure to practising artists.
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Nicholas Lucas

School Council Chair(s):
Lauren Hendrickson
Nick Svab
130 Doris Ave, North York, ON
M2N 0A8

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