Digital Arts

Digital Arts at CWSA

In September 2015 Claude Watson School for the Arts began offering digital arts.  Students in grades 5 - 8 will use digital cameras, iMacs, iPads and other items to produce and study a wide range of art.  Media Literacy is being integrated into our Digital Arts program to give students the necessary tools to be responsible digital citizens.

This year our Digital Arts program is designed as follows:

  • Grade 5 students are introduced to media and technology using a variety of programs including Photoshop, Google Apps and Pixie.  Students also learn how to use digital cameras.
  • Grade 6 students will create digital music using programs like Garage Band.  Grade 6 students are also introduced to coding.   
  • Grade 7 students explore digital photography in depth using digital cameras and Photoshop
  • Grade 8 students will be introduced to digital video production using programs like iMovie and Final Cut Pro